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Our Process

We follow a strict structured planning and management process with each and every client.

Step 1.


First, we like to get to know our clients. For some, this may be the first time taking charge of finances. Others may want a second opinion or portfolio adjustment. Schedule a meeting to discuss financial goals for the future, ask questions, and find out how we can help create the financial future you want.

Success has many definitions. The first step toward pursuing financial goals is clearly defining them. During our initial meeting, we will discuss current investments and financial strategies, answer questions about investment options and plans, and determine where you want to be.

Clarifying investment and wealth goals will help in designing the right strategies for pursuing them.

Step 2.


The cornerstone of our process is a collaborative approach between our firm, our clients, and other financial professionals. After getting to know each other, we can create a personalized strategy designed around your goals and means for pursuing them. We utilize a network of trusted financial resources to offer comprehensive, dedicated financial guidance.

ProsperiFi advisors can collaborate with your existing financial network and help unlock new avenues for opportunity. With financial guidance from ProsperiFi access the benefit of a national network of advisors.

Step 3.


Portfolio management is easier with ProsperiFi. Our advisors are ready to offer as much or as little assistance managing your finances as you’d like. Our goal is client satisfaction through client success. With a personalized financial roadmap prepared, it’s time to implement wealth strategies.

  • Intelligent execution of wealth strategies
  • Ongoing portfolio and plan management
  • Steady support for responding to market shifts and more

Gain the assurance of professional asset management with ProsperiFi.

Step 4.


Ongoing portfolio and account review help keep investments on target. Meet with a ProsperiFi investment advisor regularly and stay on top of investment goals. Enjoy the confidence of having a professional wealth advisory team managing your investments. Stay on course to meet goals through shifts in financial markets.

Shifts in the market, changes in personal lives, and many other variables can affect a financial plan. Expand on a plan, respond to market shifts, and stay ahead with ongoing financial plan management. Depending on personal schedule, investment, and more a reviews may be quarterly, annually, or however often a plan may call for.

Enough Talk, Let's Build Your Future.