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The 2019 Inheritance Checklist

Inheriting a large sum of money can be exhilarating.  After the initial excitement wears off, a large inheritance may prove slightly overwhelming as well.  Inheritances can move people into entirely different financial situations than what they may already be...

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Your Inheritance, Your Happiness

Giving makes us feel good inside.  From giving someone a compliment to making a large charitable donation, it can create a sense of joy knowing we've made a positive impact.  For many, the desire to give is innate.  Acclaimed motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once...

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Inheriting a 401(k)

What You Need to Know Inheriting a 401(k)Picturing an inheritance, it can be easy to imagine a lump sum payment, free from complications and of course, taxes. In reality, the typical inheritance tends to be much more complicated. More than just an estate, an...

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Shaping a Money Mindset

Make It Last Keeping Your InheritanceWe are each our own personal banking institution. Money, with a face value determined by the Treasury, enters our vaults where that value may then be subject to change. Money can be funny; quantity and value often enjoy an inverse...

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Managing Sudden Wealth

More money, more problems.  Originally said in verse, the phrase can hit a nerve for the countless lottery winners, celebrities, and sports figures who once had millions yet now struggle to make rent.  It seems like an impossible mistake to make, yet each year new...

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Six Steps for Managing a New Inheritance

An inheritance can combine two of life's greatest challenges: money management and the loss of a loved one.  They are uniquely bittersweet, often balancing serious personal grief with significant financial gain.  An inheritance, even for those expecting one, can lead...

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Hill Climb or Crash – What will markets do next?

There are clearly many concerns where markets are headed across the globe. A quick search on “US Recession” will bury you with an abundance of headline grabbing results. Global growth is slowing as indicated by various manufacturing and spending data points. China...

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9 Things to know about Bear Markets

2018 was a record setting year for investors of all kinds. Like all things great, a reset of expectations is needed from time to time. Here’s what you need to know about the dreaded bear market with a brief look at history.    20%: Market cycles are measured from peak...

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After nearly 10 years of witnessing the U.S. economy and stock market recover and thrive, many investors are starting to wonder if we’ve seen all this expansion and bull market have to offer. Despite the market weakness we saw at the end of 2018, at LPL Research we...

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