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After nearly 10 years of witnessing the U.S. economy and stock market recover and thrive, many investors are starting to wonder if we’ve seen all this expansion and bull market have to offer. Despite the market weakness we saw at the end of 2018, at LPL Research we...

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Establishing Autonomous Operations

Let's face it - if building a business was easy, everyone would have one. Building a business is hard work, and so is running one. If entrepreneurs aren't careful, it's easy to get swallowed up trying to manage it all. Starting out, it may be possible for...

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Going for Growth (Originally in Forbes)

Growth is a conscious action. In nature, seedlings become towering pines by design, not by accident.  Trees grow following a planned strategy and maximizing the resources in their vicinity. A business is not overly dissimilar. Rarely will a business grow...

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Placing Cash Flow First (Originally in

Profit can be tricky. On the surface profit is fairly straightforward: earn revenue, pay expenses, then sit back and count the rest. In practice, things become much more complicated. For years, the popular mindset has advocated placing profit last,...

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Engineering an Exit, Hire Your Buyer

Hire slow and fire fast.  Sagacious advice which can apply to entrepreneurs with enough room for one employee or one hundred. Most entrepreneurs live and breathe their businesses.  Sometimes, this can get in the way of hiring the right people as often,...

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Stop Raising Capital, Start Producing

Some entrepreneurs may be in for a buzzkill.  Today, entrepreneurship is hot and many young professionals are rapidly creating businesses with high hopes of quickly cashing out.  It's time to face a hard truth: simply establishing a business doesn't make a...

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Driving into the Future

Forget science fiction. The age of the Jetsons' family is finally here, or at least it is right around the corner. We are on the precipice of seeing what future transportation will look like - namely self-driving vehicles. While there are so many parts in making it...

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9 Habits to Fuel Long Term Business Growth

Build, sell, and repeat.  This has seemingly become the dominant strategy recommended for entrepreneurs today.  While rapidly launching a business they can sell might work for some, what about those interested in building a business they can keep? ...

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Placing Value on Your Business

Placing a dollar value on your business may sound tricky but running it without one may be even trickier.  Many business owners think a valuation only matters when it's time to sell.  Knowing how to place a reliable valuation on your business is a valuable...

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